About Us

True Label Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd.

True Label Pharmacy Miri Sarawak is a one-stop leading pharmacy in Miri that specializes in professional consultation on health, medication, and beauty – as well as supplying medicine and medical equipment to clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and licensed companies.

Our founder Mr. Vincent Yii, a certified pharmacist, started the first True Label Pharmacy in Miri back in 2008 to solve the serious lack of pharmacy – followed by the second in Permyjaya (2011), and the third in Luak Bay (2016) due to high demand.

In 2012, True Label Pharmacy started to enter the wholesale market for medicine, medical equipment, and nutritional supplement. The wholesale products were distributed mainly within East Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak) and Brunei.

Other than general health check (eg blood pressure, blood glucose, uric acid, total cholesterol), True Label Pharmacy also offers free body analysis using advanced technology to check body fat, BMI, etc.. Customers will able to know their physical age and health status with the machine measurement.

Vision: To be the most trustworthy pharmacy that provides professional medical consultation and supplies the best medical products to different industries.