Healthy Roll

Healthy Roll

It is free of harmful chemical and artificial additives. It is baked with 21 different types of whole grains and 8 types of colourful vegetables, make it an excellent choice of snack for your family.

The premium healthy roll has very authentic taste and it quickly becomes quite addictive. It is healthy because it’s baked, and free of preservatives and additives. The addition of 21 types of natural whole grains and 8 types of vegetables makes the roll special and healthy.

The Secret Of Healthy Taste

Great Taste- Healthy roll is baked and not fried, so it keeps the authentic taste of the natural ingredients.

Healthy Diet- Contains 21 different types of whole grains packed with complete dietary fibers, B-vitamins and folic acid to keep you healthy.

The Colors from Nature- Contains 8 kinds of colourful vegetables, therefore it is one of the healthiest snack for everyone.

No Harmful Additives or Preservatives- It is important to maximize the health benefits of healthy roll and keep additives out of your diet.