BioFIzz Beu Colla + RF Radiant Firming Anti-Wrinkle Cream



BioFIzz Beu Colla + RF Radiant Firming Anti-Wrinkle Cream


    The all new BeuColla ia a pomegranate and lemon flavoured drink which contains COLLACTIVE Marine Protein Hydrolysate,Collagen Hydrolysates,Plant Ceramides,L-Cysteine and Vitamin C formulated to be your perfect nutritional complement to your skincare regime.


    In order to understand how BeuColla works,we first need to understand our skin aging process:Skin is the largest organ in your body,representing the main barrier to the external environment.It is composed of three layers:

    Epidermis – a visible and outer barrier layer

    Dermis – an inner structural layer

    Hypodermis – the skin deepest layer,usually not being considered as the true skin layer

    Difference between young and ageing skin – integrity of collagen matrix within dermis which supports the structure of skin.As the body ages,skin cells(fibroblast) lose the ability to produce new collagen over time.At the same time,high levels of collagen-degarding enzyme further damage the proteins forming your collagen matrix.As a result of broken and impaired dermis structure,skin loses its firmness and elasticity as well as its capacity to retain moisture causing the appearance of dry,wrinkling and sagging skin.In addition,your skin cells and structure are also constantly bombarded by free radicals from environmental agents.With age,the ability of your body to deal with these damaging free radicals also declines.Free radicals can accumulate,leading to oxidative stress in the skin,damaging your skin cells and disrupting your skin structure.


    BeuColla contains efficacy-proven bioactive nutrients to improve and support the health of your skin from within.

    COLLACTIVE MARINE PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE providesanti-wrinkle synergistic action.It works byincreasing the density and strengthening the structure of skin collagen network,reduces the fragmentation of skin collagen network,and thus increases hyaluronic acid production,improves skin hydration.

    COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATES is highly digestible and readily absorbed by the body.It enables body to build connective tissue,regulating cell growth.Not only benefits to hair,skin,nail health,it also supports muscle,cartilage,ligaments and joint health.

    WHEAT GRAIN EXTRACT,which is ceramides,a main lipid constituents of the skin stratum corneum.It can improve skin hydration due to its water-retaining properties and confer the epidermis its barrier property.

    VITAMIN C isessential for collagen biosynthesis.It can protect the skin cells from oxidative stress and aid in decreasing malanin formation for whitening effect.

    L-CYSTEINE is the skin lightening agent.It works by synthesising the antioxidant Glutathione in the body and reducing the activity of enzyme tyrosinase,the key enzyme in melanin production



    BeuColla works from the inside-out,aims to reinforce your skin structure and regain your radiant complexion.It is a daily beauty supplement,works at a deeper level to nourish your skin directly from the inside,helps to slow down and combats the visible signs of ageing.As a result,BeuColla is a complete nutritional collagen drink restores your skin to a youthful,healthy and glowing state.


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