Earthy Green Organic Green Tea



Earthy Green Organic Tea

Our Organic Green Tea is a classic green tea. The incomparable first flush tea, which is made from leaves gathered from the first picking of the year during springtime, is used for production.

The leaves are of remarkable quality and are processed via the traditional method of stir-fixation. This protects their rich nutritional value and the antioxidants.

A cup of Nutriherbs Organic Green Tea offers you relaxing warm and revitalising occasions throughout your day. Earthy Green can be steeped up to three times without losing its unique flavour.

With every consecutive infusion, Nutriherbs Organic Green Tea will reveal a slight divergent fine aroma. At the beginning it is mild and fresh, then aromatic and sweet.

Our organic green tea leaf is high in antioxidants (epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG) which helps to protect against free radicals.


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