BioFizz Nutriit 365



BIOFIZZ Nutrifit 365 is a well-balanced formula, specially designed to release a lower glycemic response and aid in regulating blood sugar effectively. This low glycemic index drink able to manage blood sugar and insulin, helps in preventing the accumulation of fat thus capable of reducing weight. The presence of prebiotics and probiotics benefit NutriFit 365 as a perfect choice for people with gastrointestinal problems. In addition, fenugreek works perfectly together to ease digestive symptoms by forming a protective layer on stomach and intestine linings. NutriFit 365 also incorporated with LipoCalTM, a highly bioavailable source of calcium, to prevent osteoporosis and maintain bone health. It contains Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) that may help reduce the symptoms of nerve damage, known as peripheral neuropathy. The anti-inflammatory properties from Hytolive®, a naturally extraction of olive polyphenols, able to support heart and joint health. This nutritionally balanced formula is lactose-free and not just suitable for lactose intolerance individuals, it suits elderly, diabetic patients and anyone else who concern of cardiovascular and neuromuscular health.
• High Calcium
• Prebiotics & Probiotics
• Low Glycemic Index
• ALA & Hytolive®
• Weight Control
• Lactose Free
BIOFIZZ NutriFit 365 is suitable for:
• Vegetarians
• Diabetic patients
• Patients with gastritis or heartburn
• Obese individuals
• Patients with arthritis or joint pain
• Patients with high blood pressure
• Breast-feeding mothers



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