SP10 Placenta CoQ10



SP10 Placenta CoQ10

SP10 Placenta CoQ10 contains Sheep Placenta Extract, Co Enzyme Q10 and Grape Seed Oil. This unique blend of formulation is manufactured in New Zealand. The synergistic anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect of these ingredients promises are well documented and well accepted.

SP10 Placenta CoQ10 is perfect for people across all ages who wish to improve their health, vitality, youthfulness and quality of life. Among the major advantages of SP10 Placenta CoQ10 are:

1. Smooth away wrinkles, lightens facial pigmentation and improves complexion

2. Improves skin elasticity and enhances skin texture

3. Enhances stamina and energy level

4. Improves sleep patterns

5. Regenerates cells, tissues and organs

6. Hydrate skin, reduce skin sagging and remain young

7. Improves immune defenses against diseases

8. Strong antioxidant effects

9. Decreases the risk of heart disease

10. Increases vigor and vitality


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