EDAN SE-3 Channel ECG

The Edan SE-3 Three-Channel ECG is a high-quality and affordable unit. Its compact and lightweight design makes it portable for any work situation.



SE-3 (Color Screen/Monochrome Screen)
3-channel ECG

Key features:

 Vivid foldable LCD screen
 Membrane keypad with great water-proof performance
 One-touch operation
 12 leads simultaneous acquisition
 Complete filters
 Advanced SEMIP algorithm for automatic measurements and interpretation
 Built-in high-resolution thermal printer with 3-channel report printing
 External USB printer (optional) with 12-channel report printing
 Large internal memory which can be enlarged by USB flash disk
 Built-in data management
 LAN connections
 Smart ECG Viewer software for data management on PC (optional)
 Bi-directional communication with SE-1515 Data Management System


  • #SE-3A: Narrow Screen (192 x 64 pixels – 3.5″).
  • #SE-3B: Wide Screen (320 x 240 pixels – 4″).

The Edan SE-3 ECG includes:

  • ECG Cable (4 mm, banana connector, AHA).
  • (100x) Bio Protech Resting Tab Electrodes.
  • (10x) Unomedical 10-Lead Universal Clips.
  • Recording Paper (Roll, 80 mm x 20 m).
  • Paper Roller.
  • Power Cord (USA Hospital Grade).
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery (2200 mAh).
  • (2x) Fuses (T400 mA, USA standard).
  • User Manual.
  • Quick Reference Card.


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